23 December 2014

It's Over!

Tyson got the best news today: HE PASSED P-CHEM!! That stands for Physical Molecular Chemistry. It's the hardest class in Tyson's major and it's been the bane of his academic life for a year and a half. We're so glad he passed so we can just move on! 
Tyson only has SIX classes left before he gets his degree. Next semester he'll only be taking two classes (six credits) since I have five classes and we'll be bringing home a baby. I don't remember the schedule of the other four classes but I know that, as long as he keeps passing all his classes, he'll be done by December 2015. Phew!
I feel like this semester was the low point: we had to do a lot of trial and error with new medications; my pregnancy has been rough for both of us; p-chem is evil and the ONE professor who teaches it thinks it's the crux of the Chemical Engineering major when it's totally not that important; and William broke his leg.
On the flip side, Tyson has a counselor at BYU's Accessibility Center who makes sure Tyson gets extra time on exams and doesn't have to take tests in the Testing Center. There is one professor in the ChemE department who is our new best friend. He is totally supportive and encouraging and we love him. Technically, he's not Tyson's academic adviser but we don't care. We've definitely been taking good steps forward but it has felt like every step has been weighed down with molasses. Or concrete. Passing p-chem is a HUGE step forward and it's such a relief.
Next steps: Tyson keeps plugging along in his program. He has to take the L3 exam which is a cumulative exit test with tons of pressure. Basically, if you don't pass (24/25), you don't graduate. Rough, right? You get three tries to pass. After the first time, you only have to re-take the questions you got wrong. Tyson's got one more time to take the test in February. Over the break we're going to be doing lots of prep for it so he can pass. Once that's over, it'll just be passing the rest of his classes and maybe finding an internship or research position during the summer. No big deal, right? haha
I'm so proud of Tyson. He is tackling the longest (131 credits-not including GE credits) and hardest program at BYU. My major was like...50 credits. He's had to deal with so much and he's really doing a great job. There is FINALLY a light at the end of an extremely scary tunnel. He's brilliant. His mind works in ways I can never comprehend. I love you, Tyson!

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