23 December 2014

Week 33 Ultrasound

This afternoon I had my ultrasound to determine the baby's size since at my last appointment I was measuring 2-3 cm big. Tyson and William got to come and it was sure fun to show William his baby brother. 
Baby Boy Remy #2 is doing good. He's measuring a week and a half big but my due date is not being officially changed. Everything looks good and we got a great shot of his cute little face. The ultrasound tech also pointed out that our little guy has got some hair. I wonder if BBR2 will have as much hair as William had.

Can you see how his hair blends into his eyebrows by his temples? SO MUCH HAIR.
My next appointment is on Monday. I expect my doc will say that everything is peachy keen with my "good-sized" baby and that I shouldn't worry. Tyson kept saying that BBR2 is probably going to be a linebacker. Well, as long as he doesn't come out that way, I'm good.
NOTE: I will try to scan some of the ultrasound photos we have to show how the baby has changed. Stay tuned.

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