28 February 2015

Introducing Matthew Elwood Remy!

Matthew Elwood Remy was born February 12, 2015 at 12:22pm at Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem, Utah. He was 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches. This post is all about Matthew. Another post will be his birth story.

He has blondish hair and bluish eyes. He has way less hair than William had but Matthew sports the same cute button nose that William had. Matthew has the same little chicken-legs that William had. He has ZERO butt fat so I feel like I'm wiping his bones when I clean his bum and that freaks me out a bit. Matthew had newborn rash which went away after a few days. His feet are big and he's got monkey toes.
Matthew is a good little baby. He breastfeeds pretty well but it wasn't that way at the beginning. Matthew was having a hard time latching on which meant I was having issues like clogged ducts and cracking/bleeding. It was not a fun time. Turns out, he was tongue tied which meant that he couldn't stick out his tongue and get a good latch. Our pediatrician clipped Matthew's frenulum (the thing under your tongue) which was sad but Matthew was able to eat much better at the next feeding.

Before his two-week appointment, I noticed a hard bump on his left shoulder near his neck. I asked his doctor about it and, ta-da, Matthew had broken his left clavicle during delivery. I freaked out a bit since I had never heard of that but my doc (and Google) assured me that this is fairly common with larger babies or babies who get stuck in the birthing canal. Plus, it's definitely better than the alternative: emergency c-section. Yikes! The hard bump is like an internal cast, called a callus. It will dissolve on its own and Matthew will not suffer any long-term issues from the break.
William is great with Matthew. He loves it when Matthew "looks" at him. Sometimes when Matthew is crying William will start singing "Wheels on the Bus" to him. It's so cute! William loves to hold Matthew and loves to kiss his head. He also likes to "pet" Matthew's head. I'm so glad William is good at being soft with Matthew because I was pretty worried about my little strong-man trying to play with his fragile little brother.

We've had lots of visitors come to see us and it's been great. We're planning to bless Matthew towards the end of March so my mom (and maybe my dad) can come back out from California. 
 Tyson's mom and Matthew in the hospital
 Tyson's brother Jacob came to see us at home
My sister Jane came to see us twice in the hospital

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