11 February 2015

'Twas the Night Before My Induction...

And I'm supposed to be focused on getting homework done and I just can't. My in-laws came down to pick up William and they took us out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. YUM. While we were at dinner the hospital called to give me my call time: 6:30am. It's so early! I have to call them at 6:00am to make sure they still have a bed for me. Now that I have a set time I'm feeling anxious. And tired. I really just want to sleep and I should. But I so wanted to have my work done so I would have a few days totally homework free post-baby. 
It was hard for me to say goodbye to William tonight. I gave him hugs and kisses and told him that I loved him a lot. And I really, really do. I still don't know how I will possibly love Baby Remy #2 as much as I love William. But everyone keeps telling me it will just happen and I'm banking on that.
I'm nervous about being induced with Pitocin since I've mostly heard only awful things about it. The hospital is not allowed to give me Cervadil or Cytotec (cervical ripening pills) since I'm not 41 weeks yet.
I'm going to try and get at least one of my two remaining assignments for the week done tonight. Both assignments are papers and one of them I already have all my quotes pulled from the articles. The other one I haven't really started but I'm thinking it'll be easier to do. I've emailed all three of my professors to let them know what's up and they've all assured me that I should not worry about deadlines. All three classes have group projects going on and my groups have been so helpful and kind. I've truly been blessed. I didn't think my professors or fellow students would be so understanding, especially since my school isn't BYU anymore. 
My visiting teachers have got meals all set up and the lady I did scouts with texted me today asking about meals even before I had heard from my visiting teachers. That really meant a lot to me since I don't really have many friends in our ward. It was nice to know that she was thinking about me and my family. 
Okay, back to homework. And double-checking my hospital bag. Then a shower. Then sleep.

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