10 February 2015


I guess even with all those contractions, this is my m.o: overdue. It's really okay. I'm sure if this were the middle of summer and not the most mild February ever I would be singing a different tune. Much like I was with William. 
I had an appointment last night to be checked again to see if I'm making any progress. Unless you call going back to 2cm progress, then no, I'm not making any great strides here. The good news is that my doc is going to let me know today if I am supposed to show up at the hospital tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. It really depends on which way they want to get things going. If they want to do Cytotech (a cervical ripening pill) then I'll go in tomorrow evening. If they want to do just Pitocin (I HOPE NOT) then I'll go in Thursday morning. But either way, a baby will be here before Friday. And I am trying to do homework like a mad woman. All three of my classes have group projects going plus other assignments which is a bit intense.
William is starting his new preschool schedule today. He has been going Wednesday and Friday mornings and now he'll be going Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. We switched him so that he could do three days a week and attend the adaptive P.E. class which is only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When I go back to work post-baby, William and baby will go to daycare in the mornings while I work and then William will go off to school. I tried to explain the new schedule to William...I don't think he got any of it. But that's okay! He's going to love going three times a week and I'm going to love him doing a P.E. class. Oh, you want to run my kid around? Yes, please!
Also, yesterday Tyson sent me to get a manicure and pedicure at the mall. It was awesome. Now my toes are a fun pink/orange color and that color looks extra fun today since I'm wearing my mint open-toed flats. After my mani/pedi I made a quick stop at Bath & Body Works to pick up some happy-smelling hand sanitizer. I can't stand the regular alcohol stuff. Bath & Body Works is always running sales and they just happened to have one for their mini-hand sanitizer: 5 for $5. Sweet. I got two "White Lily & Lime", two "Pure Paradise", and one "Noir for Men". I figured Tyson might not go for the flowery scents but the Noir scent is tres sexy. Especially for a hand sanitizer.

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