07 March 2011

A Friend Who is Awesome

Tyson and I have a friend. If I were to try and sum up this friend in a word that word would be "amazing." He's one of those people that is always willing to help out, super fun, and has a great testimony. I knew this guy from my single's ward and when Tyson and I got engaged, Tyson and he became good friends. Our friend came to our sealing and he has fed Tyson and me dinner multiple times. We are constantly impressed by this friend. He was one of the first people Tyson and I told about my pregnancy once we started telling people.
Our friend is studying in Jerusalem and today he asked me if I would like a baby blanket from Bethlehem. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!? He told me they were really cute and he thought it would be a great baby gift. He also said he'll be sure to get a big one so I can keep my baby warm in "swaddling clothes." Man, our family Nativity re-enactment this Christmas Eve is going to be legit. I'm grateful that Tyson and I have good friends who look out for us and our baby. Pretty sure our kids are gonna grow up calling this friend, Uncle. I love that!

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