03 March 2011

Friendly Friends

Since Tyson and I have been married we have been very lucky to have some close friends with whom we can hang out with. Most of these friends are single. This isn't a problem but I feel more comfortable in pairs. Lucky for me, Annalise, one of my good friends from La Crescenta got married in November and she and her hubby, Ryan, have moved to Provo. Recently we've had the chance to hang out with them pretty frequently. It's been so great to reconnect with her. The other night Annalise and I went to a Chanticleer concert at BYU. At intermission I received a text from Tyson asking me for Ryan's phone number. Kinda weird. After the concert, Annalise called Ryan and discovered the boys were at my apartment playing on the XBox. It makes me so happy that Tyson and Ryan can be friends without Annalise and me. We had them over with another couple in our ward to play board games and it was a blast. I am so grateful that we have good friends who will be at BYU as long as we will.

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Ashley_Cameron said...

hmmmm, i want to come play too!!! I'm not as lucky as you I guess! haha