24 March 2011

Re: The Interview

The interview went very well. I think.

Mel said I did great on the editing exercise (even though I forget some obvious things. Stupid pregnancy brain) and that he'd love to work with me. However, there were three or four other applicants who did just as well on the exercise. Ultimately it comes down to the Church. Yup. Some of the students who currently work for the HPC (Humanities Publication Center) applied for internships this summer at the Church. The Church is taking their SWEET TIME getting back to people. So everyone needs to pray that these students get internships at the Church so I can work at the HPC :) Blessings for everyone! 

I would only get maybe ten hours a week since there are only eighty hours available to students. Luckily, my current boss said I could probably still work there even if I got this internship.

Something fun I didn't know about the internship: I would be working under my aunt for part of the summer. How cool is that! Kinda scary though too. That would make me like...a zillion times more motivated to be perfect in my editing since I know she'd be looking at my work. 

Anyway, Mel said I should hear from him sometime next week. This internship is exactly what I want to be doing for a career: scholarly journal editing. It would be a wonderful opportunity and I'm just dying to know if I got a spot!

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Laura said...

What?!? You'd be working with me?!? How AWESOME would that be? Okay, seriously, I'm praying double time now!!!