24 March 2011

The Next Month

I have got so much to look forward during the next month or so. Starting with tomorrow!

Tomorrow: NO CLASS. Word. Banish myself to campus to do research for my senior project. Not so word.
Saturday: Time to chill with the in-laws and check out our (maybe) new car.
Sunday: Choir practice for the Easter program and for my solo in church.
Monday: Humanities paper #2 on Dante's Inferno (first draft) due. Rawr.
Wednesday: Graduating seniors banquet with for the ELANG/LING departments.
Saturday, April 2: General Conference and then Hairspray that evening to see the amazing Tierra as Motormouth.
Sunday, April 3: My half-birthday! Oh yeah, and General Conference haha
Monday, April 4: ULTRASOUND DAY. That's right! Just a week-ish until we find out gender. There will definitely be a post about that one. No worries.
Friday, April 8: My senior presentation. I should really start that...
Sunday, April 10: Solo in church. I am singing "His Hands" and my friend, Steph, is going to sign it in ASL. We did it last year in our single's ward. Encore!

Then later in the month my sister-in-law is giving birth to a baby girl. They are going to name here Briella. Cute, huh? And April 28 is the first day of Spring term at BYU which marks my absolute last "semester" at BYU! It also is the first day of Women's Conference which I will be working. Woot.

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