12 March 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy dreams are weird. They are super vivid and I can usually remember the multiple dreams I've had in a night. Sometimes they are totally random, sometimes they can be linked to some part of my day, or sometimes they bring to life things I've been thinking about.

Annalise, Noelle, Natalie and I all were in Valencia near an old-time Western train. But Valencia had very similar topography to La Crescenta, just more desert and Western like. We were trying to catch the train but ended up getting ahead of it somehow and we had to jump into this giant puddle which ended up being more like a lake.

1. Dream that me and a friend (unknown) were in a swimming pool with Alfred from the new Batman movies and Booth from the TV show Bones. My friend and I were reporters and trying to get them to talk to us. I was accusing Alfred of being a shallow and mean person which contrasts starkly to the majority of characters he plays. I was accusing Booth of just being a jerk to me in general. This is linked because I watched Bones yesterday and was thinking that Booth and Bones just need to get together already. I was frustrated with him. I don't know why Alfred was there but it was kinda fun to dream about him. He's a fav.
2. I was in a hotel on a band or choir trip. A lot of my high school friends were there, both from FV and CV. Also among the group were members of Glee and other random singing/drama type kids who frequently perform at BYU. Linked because I love Glee and seeing musicals. It's fun to see community theater here in Provo because many of the actors stay the same.

1. My family found a baby and decided to take it in. For some reason this really perturbed me. I spent the dream stomping around and making a fuss at being ignored. I don't know what this really has to do with anything. But I imagine it's what Jane may have felt like after Katie was born. After being the youngest for five years, having to share the love would be tough.
2. (I only remember the last part of this dream) I was in some third-world-country but from the look of the people I would guess somewhere in Africa. I'm leaving a compound of sorts, like a Hooverville during the Depression, and I am standing up in the bed of a truck. As we're driving away I can see into some of these huts and into one in particular. I see five or six kids fighting over blankets and such. Except the blanket a few are fighting over is actually a towel that I donated to DI a while ago. In the hut I also see some of my old shoes, clothes, and other blankets that I have donated. I must have been thinking about African orphans because Tyson and I had lunch at Malawi's Pizza a few days ago. When you buy a meal from them, they will donate a meal to an orphanage in Malawi Africa. 

So there are some of my dreams from the past few weeks. I pulled that all from memory. Can you remember dreams you had weeks ago? Moms: did you have crazy pregnancy dreams?

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JONESIES said...

I also have very vivid dreams that I remember when i'm pregnant. It's exhausting