28 March 2011

Interview Results


Yup. I'm pretty stoked. Mel called me while I was in the Library and offered me a position at the HPC for the spring/summer. I can't wait to get started! The best part of this internship is that I get to work with my aunt who is the whole reason I wanted to be an editor in the first place. I bet she didn't even know that. This is so great! I might have a chance at a career! Woo!


Laura said...

HUZZAH!!!!!!! Can't wait to start tormenting you! :-) Love you!

Muffy said...

Congrats Denise!!! I'm so happy for you!
Thanks for practicing on all my papers! :D :D :D

Sherry said...

Yeah!!!! You deserve it Denise...the job, I mean. :)