11 March 2011

Oedipus Rex and New Furniture

Tyson and I are taking Humanities 201 together this semester. Yay! But it's a GE class. Boo! For the first paper of the semester, I wrote it on truth and appearance in Oedipus Rex. I hate writing papers on literature. This is why I'm an English Language major. I like writing papers about verbs and adjectives.
Our teacher required us to work with The Writing Fellows, a group of students who are paid to help other students figure out tough spots on their essays. I've never used them before but I am so grateful that we were required to use them for this paper. My writing fellow was awesome! At our last meeting I had already written my paper, she had looked over it and made suggestions, and I had revised it. My main problem was that I had all these great solutions to the questions she posed but I didn't know how to incorporate them into my already-written paper. As I talked she took notes and then showed them to me and said "Okay, this is how you organize all that." It was great! I was able to just ramble off the thoughts that had been bouncing around in my head and she organized them. Love it!
I finished writing my paper this morning. Here is my favorite sentence: "Oedipus’s reasoning follows the path of least resistance: his fluid thoughts seep into crevices of plausibility and he remains trapped in the visible evidence that surrounds him." I read it to Tyson and he was impressed. I'm sure you've all heard loads better but I liked it. So I wrote it. And I liked it some more.

In other news, a furniture store in town is going out of business. Tyson and I have been looking for a new bedroom set since the one we have actually belongs to his parents. We found a beautiful five-piece set at 60% off the appraised price. Not bad, huh? We got a bed frame, two nightstands, a dresser, with an attachable mirror. It's all black wood which is my favorite (as attested by the two black wood bookshelves we have in our front room). The nightstands and dresser have silver handles and it's all super beautiful. We forgot to take pictures of it yesterday so after we get it set up today I'll take pictures and post them. Tyson and I are so blessed. I swear, Tyson has a gift for getting good deals. It's awesome!

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