12 September 2013

Another Great Rehearsal


I think I'm in love with Thursdays now. Seriously. 

Rehearsal went great, of course. I got there early so I could sit in the front row and I made a new friend. She used to be in BYU Singers (so she's awesome) and I loved singing next to her. It totally made my day when, at the end of rehearsal, she turned to me and said "I really enjoyed singing next to you. You have a great voice." 


What is it about this experience that is just boosting my self-confidence through the roof?! I love it! I haven't felt this great about any part of me in a long time. I am so grateful I have the chance to be in this amazing choir. I hope you all come to our concert on Tuesday, December 3 in Salt Lake City at Abravanel Hall. 

Since William was born I have felt like I've given up all of me to my son and my husband. I was mom and wife. I sort of lost 'Denise' for a while. Now that I'm back in school and doing this choir I feel more me. And, actually, I feel like a better wife and mom, too. I bust it all morning at work and then all afternoon on my homework. When William is awake we play hard and it's a blast. When he goes to bed, I jam on more homework. I'm still learning to balance my responsibilities. These new GREAT things are pushing out the small, time-wasting things that were occupying my life. I love it. It's hard. I have to be very careful with my time and attention. It's totally worth it.

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