07 September 2013

Book and Journal Publishing: Homework #1

My first homework assignment for Book and Journal publishing was to analyze two publisher's websites: Berrett-Koehler Publishers (http://www.bkconnection.com/default.asp) and The University of Chicago Press (http://www.press.uchicago.edu/index.html). 
We were asked to answer the following questions: Which publisher does a better job of engaging readers and authors? Describe how each publisher employs social media and which is more effective. Which one would you like to work for and why?
My professor left me some good comments about how to improve my arguments but also gave me some compliments! Way to boost my self-confidence! I really struggle with commentary. That's probably why I've never enjoyed English classes. I can participate in an analytical discussion, no problems. Ask to me write a paper about my findings? Not so good. I much prefer to help other people with their commentary, not slush through my own. 
My professor left me comments like "Nice original observation - you have detected one of BK's key strategies" and "Good observation" and "Nice closing". He also said that I should never use "I think..." because it muddies my argument. That's great advice. As I've been writing this post I've almost typed "I think..." a few times but I've stopped myself. Okay, so my blog isn't going to win a Pulitzer but I need to practice good writing skills now while it's not for a grade.
Another writing technique I am trying to follow is to never use "very". Seen Dead Poet's Society? Great stuff.
I'm working on my week 2 assignment for B&J Publishing. I'll have to do a last run-through to catch all my "I think"s and "very"s.

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