02 September 2013

Today: Grad Stuff and Medifast Update

I rocked it today. Seriously, go me.

This is what I got done for my grad stuff.

Book and Journal Publishing: Lecture A and B
Fundamentals of E-Publishing: Lecture A, B, and C; video discussion; anecdotal video; quiz.

This is what I have left.

B&J: 4 short readings (sample author contracts and proposals)
Fund. of E-Pub: Chapter reading, 2 writing assignments, and a forum discussion.

And it's only Monday.

I weighed myself today. No change. Which is actually just fine with me. Since starting my grad work, I'm spending more time away from home which is making it more difficult to do Medifast since a lot of the food is cooked in the microwave or on the stove. But, I got some more meal bars and I'm all set to be back on track this week. I mentioned before that I am doing Just Dance for my exercise and it's great. I love it. My waist is smaller :) And so are my arms.

After this crazy week I crashed this weekend. I got sick too. On Sunday I didn't wake up until almost 1pm. Whoa. William was camping with Tyson's family so I actually got to sleep in. It was amazing. I'm getting on a better schedule though. We have to start leaving the house at 7:30am to drop off William and get to campus well before 8:00am every morning, otherwise I won't get parking. Silly faculty.

Other stuff happened today but it was less happy so I'll save that for later since this is an upbeat sort of post. Cheers :)

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