30 August 2013

To Jordanelle and Back

I drove William up to Jordanelle State Park today. Tyson's family is camping there but I'm too busy with grad stuff to go and Tyson is getting ready for school to start on Tuesday. So, William is camping :)
To get to Jordanelle from Provo, we drove up Provo Canyon past Heber City. We left at 9pm so it was already dark. I don't like driving on mountain roads in the daytime. I HATE driving on mountain roads at night. It doesn't help that I have a really hard time seeing while I drive at night. It's actually pretty scary. After William was born I had my eyes checked and my right eye has a slight astigmatism. I have some glasses that I wear when I'm doing a lot of reading and there are supposed to help when I drive but they don't. Whomp.
As we were approaching Heber, there were some clouds above the mountains. Like this:
I made this in Paint :) So we were driving along when suddenly the clouds started looking like this:
It was so cool to see lightning up in the clouds like that! I don't think I've seen lightning do that before. It was amazing and distracting.
I got home just before 11pm. I'm so tired. I'm looking forward to getting some extra sleep and finishing up my homework and reading for the week.

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