05 August 2013


Today I sort of went nuts. I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home from work. But I didn't actually lay around all day. I had to pay rent and go to the store and get Tyson from work and we had to return some stuff to Home Depot. When we got home I decided I was going to re-organize William's room. Why? Who knows.

I pulled out all his toys and clothes to sort through after he was asleep. I vacuumed his room (no more crushed up Cheezits!) and moved around some of his furniture. I also determined which items we needed to store at my in-law's home: crib, recliner, and end table. Removing those three items from William's room will make a huge difference in there. We wanted all his toys stored in one place. Now that he's older, he doesn't play with all his little toys. I'm in the process of sorting through them and trying to decide if we should keep the old toys and store them, or donate them to Deseret Industries (the Mormon version of Goodwill or other thrifty stores). 

I'm going to do the same thing with William's clothes. He has lots of wintery things from last year that I'm pretty sure aren't going to fit him again this year. Except we'll be storing all his clothes. If my sister-in-law Amber is correct in her prediction (she's 4-4 now*), my next baby will be a girl and then I'll have twin boys. So, hypothetically, we're going to need all the boy clothes we can get!

Tyson thinks I'm clearing out William's room to make space to set up the crib. He thinks my subconscious is ready for another baby. I laugh at him.

*Amber has correctly guessed the gender of my baby and of all three of my other sister-in-law's babies before we found out the gender. It's a bit creepy. But I'd love to have a girl next so I'm good with it...unless that twins thing is true. Heaven help me.

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