15 August 2013

A Nightmare

I haven't had a true nightmare for a really long time. Sure, I've had some scary dreams when I've been watching too much Supernatural but this was different.

I dreamed that someone was at my house watching William for me so I could take a nap. I suddenly wake up from my nap and the babysitter was watching TV and I can't find William. The bathroom door was open and I thought maybe he was throwing things in the toilet since he loves doing that. I go in the bathroom and he's not there. Then I notice the bathtub. It's full of water. Still water. I yank back the shower curtain to find William under the water. I frantically pull him out and start yelling at him and shaking him, "William! William, honey, wake up!" I yell to the babysitter "Call 911! Hurry!" Thankfully, he spits out some water, smiles at me, and gives me a big hug. 

Then I woke up. It was 4:30 this morning. William was still sleeping. I checked.

He's learning how to open doors and I think it's time to get those safety-knobs for the bathroom.

This has been a tough week. Really tough. I'm not getting enough sleep and my quality of sleep is really poor. I hope that I'll have some answers this afternoon and maybe I can sleep better tonight. I sure hope so.


Greg and Diana said...

Oh Denise, I had a similarly horrifying nightmare a few nights ago. I can't even talk about it. All I could manage to tell Greg was that it was about our little Gregory. I can't imagine a worse nightmare than one that a parent has about losing or nearly losing their child. I'm so glad your nightmare wasn't true!

Laura said...

I can't tell you how many dreams I've had like that. Yuck!! I always have to go in and check on the kids.