19 August 2013

Medifast Update

Things have been up and down for our family the past week or so. Last week was CRAZY. Without going in to our family stuff, I basically lost it last week. I ate the Medifast food in the mornings but by the time I got home I couldn't handle all the stress anymore. I didn't handle it well. I handled it with Del Taco fish tacos and The Big Bang Theory. Not the most healthy, I totally know that. I'm just impressed that I didn't have a breakdown of some sort.

I gained three pounds last week. I am trying to find my motivation again. Today wasn't that great either. It's harder for me to be good at home. In the mornings I just grab my morning Medifast food so eating at work is no problem. I totally need to be better about my water intake. I think I'm going to buy a gallon of water and keep it in my fridge. That way I know if I drink all my water for the day.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to getting things back, well, I would say to normal but that doesn't seem like the right word.

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