26 August 2013

New Beginnings

Today I started my graduate program from George Washington University. I am getting my master's degree in publishing. I have so much to do already; it's a little overwhelming.
All our assignments and lectures are posted on Mondays and we have all week to complete the readings and so forth. It just feels like SO much because it's all assigned at one time. This program is going to help me with my time management in a big way. BYU has little calendars I came to adore during my undergrad years so I'm using one again. I don't have a smart phone but I prefer to write stuff down anyway. I guess that makes me old-school? Not sure.
I did my weigh-in this morning and I'm at the same weight I was last week. That's 15 pounds down. Woot! I put on my black work pants today and they looked like parachute pants. Not lie. I could grab bunches of fabric at my thighs. It was pretty awful. Especially since I wore them to work anyway.
William had a rough day. He had a crazy blow out and then he got hold of my razor while I was bathing him and he cut his finger. Great. It bled a lot. The first band-aid didn't do anything. Within a few seconds his finger was dripping through the bandage. It's fine now but I panicked for a bit. He moves too fast for me.
Tomorrow I am auditioning for the Utah Valley Millennial Choir and Orchestra - Grand Chorus. I know one of the brothers who founded the Millennial Choir and Orchestra program: he was my high school choir teacher for two years and my family's home teacher. I'm pretty nervous about the audition but excited too. I'm still working on my a cappella piece. I keep going a half step flat. At least it's consistent, right? That's easier to fix than if I was jumping all over the place. 
I'm looking forward to my grad program and this new choral experience. I'm totally exhausted today but I'm hoping I can quickly adapt to this new schedule. It's only 7:49pm and I feel ready for bed. I'm going to do some readings and then peace out for the night.

Can I just say I'm super grateful for my life? I know it's not perfect and sometimes I can't believe I'm dealing with the stuff I've been given. But my husband and my son love me so much. I have an amazing family and super in-laws. I have some dear friends who always know what to say. My relief society is really reaching out to help our family and me. I'm so lucky. And most of all, I know God and Jesus love me. I feel their love so keenly when I'm singing praises to them. I've missed that experience so much and I cannot WAIT to be a part of that again.

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