01 August 2013

Medifast: Day 3

I'm still not having any headaches. I don't feel especially tired. Am I doing this wrong?

I decided that in the mornings I'm going to eat stuff I know I like. I will try new stuff in the afternoons where I can get something else if I hate it. Three of my aunts have done Medifast so they've been helping me understand what it's like for a while. I guess my pancake experience from yesterday wasn't that unique.

Yesterday I bought three bags of chicken breast. Today I'll be baking some of these and the rest I'll be separating into smaller packages so I can defrost a bit at a time for my lean and green meals. I also bought cauliflower yesterday. I've heard it can be a substitute for rice or mashed potatoes. I think I'm going to do a mock fried rice today or tomorrow for my lean and green. I bought egg beaters so that'd work for my lean.

Here's what I had today:

1) Chocolate Chip Cookie
2) Cinnamon Pretzels
3) Beef Vegetable Stew
4) Chocolate Chip Cookie
5) None
Lean) Chicken breast spinach salad with zucchini and grape tomatoes.

Only thing new was the beef vegetable stew which I had a hard time eating. William seemed to like it though. I tried to eat as much as I could.

I weighed out 6-oz of chicken breast and cooked it on the stove. Spritzed it with lemon juice and ate it on a bed of spinach leaves with veggies. It was good. The dressing I picked at the store is too much for me. I tried to use 2TB like I'm supposed to but it drowned my salad. Then I realized I only had 2 greens instead of 3: 1 cup of spinach when I was supposed to do 2. Whoops.

I'm still drinking lots of water and trying to be brave when it comes to new food. I don't feel hungry ever. It's weird. I used to not eat until I was hungry so it's hard for me to eat all the time.

I forgot to take a bag to work which is why I missed one meal. My bad. Tomorrow will be better.

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Laura said...

You're doing great! Remember that your protein is cooked weight—so you get 6 oz. of cooked chicken! Keep on keepin' on!