07 August 2013

Medifast: Day 10

Today I woke up groggy and with a headache. My mouth has been super dry despite the insane amounts of water I'm drinking. I tried Powerade Zero yesterday. Blech. It tasted like the syrup used on snow cones. Minus the snow. Tyson told me I should dilute it with water. It sort of helped. We're gonna keep trying to figure that one out. Here's today's meals:

1) Cinnamon Cereal
2) Parmesan Puffs
3) Cinnamon Cereal
4) Chocolate Chip Soft Bake
5) Chocolate Brownie
Lean) Chicken and broccoli

Would you believe that I ate the first four meals all before my lean meal? And that it's 7pm and I only have one meal left for today? I'm so proud of myself! I made it a point to eat every two hours and I got all my meals in today! Now if I can figure out the dry mouth thing... It's irritating. 

You may recall I tried the Parmesan puffs when I first started the program and I hated them. I got desperate and ate some today. They weren't as bad! I think it helps that I'm totally off sugar and bread so my tastes are starting to adjust.

My new food should be here tomorrow! Yay!


Jade Jones said...

You could always try making your own powerade. you can do it with sugar substitute, salt and a koolaid packet. we talked about it in one of ky coaching classes. I'll see if I can find the ratios. that way you can customize to your taste. keep it up girl! You got it!

Denise said...

Thanks, Jade! That'd be great :)

Jay and Abbey Rowley said...

Sometimes adding lemons or cucumbers to water can help with the absorption. That might help keep your mouth from getting dry!

P.S.- so stinking proud of you!