28 August 2013

Just Dance 4

I tried Just Dance 4 today. We have 1, 2, 3, 4, and the Michael Jackson Experience. Before today, Just Dance 2 was my favorite. 3 didn't appeal to me as much 'cause I think the songs are weird and the dances were interesting. 

But 4 is now a strong competitor for fave. Like the other versions, 4 has the "Just Sweat" option. However, they've added warm-up, in-between, and cool-down sections which totally reminds me of the aerobic dance classes I've taken. I loved it! The first one I did was "Electro Body Combat" which was like kickboxing plus cardio plus Jackie Chan plus Dragonball Z. Just ask Tyson. Some of the moves were like this:

The commentator sounded like this guy (2:20-whomever is voicing Jackie):

I also tried the "Sweat Around the World" which was basically Latin dancing for beginners. Which I am. I'm not a beginning dancer but I'm a white girl so my hips just don't move like that. It's the number one reason I don't do Zumba. Don't get me wrong: it was fun. Just don't expect to see me on America's Got Talent as the next greatest Latin dancer. Nope.

I haven't done Just Dance in a long time. I forgot how much FUN it is! I'm definitely gonna do this more often. Especially since it's a really good break when I have a forest of reading to get through.

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