04 August 2013

So, I Cheated...

I know I said I was going to weigh myself on Mondays but I was just so curious so I weighed myself this morning as soon as I woke up and...

I've lost 10 pounds! That's actually 15 pounds down from my heaviest weight. 

I can't believe it. My coach told me that it would work but I guess I was still skeptical. Not freaking anymore!!

I have 18 pounds to go until I reach what I weighed after I gave birth to William. 
Then I start on the baby weight. That's 35 pounds from where I am now to what I weighed when I found out I was pregnant.
Then I start on the "married" weight. That's 50 pounds from where I am now to what I weighed when Tyson and I got married. It's also how much I've weighed since 8th grade.
My goal weight is 15 pounds less than that so 65 pounds from my weight now.

From the conversations I've had with my coach and seeing other people's loss time lines, I gather I will be at my goal weight in April. It sounds like a long time but 8 months is NOTHING compared to the years I have to look forward too. 8 months is less time than I was pregnant with William. In April, Tyson will graduate from BYU and I will have finished my second semester of grad school. Crazy.

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Laura said...

WOOOHOOOO!!! Keep going, Neesie!