05 August 2013

Medifast: Day 8

Today marks a full week of being on Medifast. I'm 10 pounds down. My natural waist looks slimmer to me. I woke up still feeling sick. Ugh. My nose is running like a crazy person. Some day I'll get a nasal lavage system and it will solve all my nose problems :) Here are today's meals:

1) Cinnamon Cereal
2) Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks
3) Chicken Noodle Soup
4) Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
5) None
Lean) Spicy Chicken Cesar salad from Wendy's - half-size

You might notice that I've been eating a less than shocking variety of food lately. My next batch of food isn't here yet. I'm excited for when it gets here because that means I'll have meal bars! That will make the mornings SO much easier. It's getting almost impossible for me to keep up eating the Medifast food at work because 1) it takes a while to prepare and 2) I am running out of microwave or eat-it-dry food! I hope the new food comes soon!!

I think I'm gonna go back to the gym. I miss it. Sorta. It will be good for me to go walk on the treadmill or do some weights, still taking it easy for the next two weeks. It'll also be good for William who needs some more kid-to-kid interaction in his life. It's hot here so it's hard to go outside to play all day. At the gym he gets to run like a wild man for 30 to 60 minutes a day. For this week, I'm gonna do 30 minutes a day. Sunday I started doing hip lifts again. Good glory! Yeah, those are good for your abs but they KILL my lower back. My back muscles are still pathetic from when I had William. Mind you, they are significantly better but not anywhere close to what they should be. I have a lot of lower back strain and I think it's because my muscles aren't developed enough to support the extra weight. So as I lose weight and work out those muscles I hope my back pain will decrease.

I was posting these blog posts late every night or first thing in the morning so I could have a complete list of my meals. But frankly, I don't like that. I like having my computer off and done earlier at night so I'm going to post these entries incomplete at first. Don't worry, I'll update them the next day. I just don't like feeling tied to my computer.

You might think these posts are silly but it's cathartic for me to blog-whinge about my days on Medifast so I can remember what it was like. And so other people can know what it's like. Good news, though. If you don't like these posts, you can skip them!


Laura said...

Just a reminder that if you haven't been exercising regularly, you should wait until you've been on plan for three weeks before starting. And if you have been exercising regularly, keep it really mellow for the first three weeks and then increase SLOWLY! When you do exercise, add two extra ounces of protein to make up the calories and to keep yourself from going into muscle burning instead of fat burning. I made the mistake of trying to start too fast and totally bombed myself out. Seriously, it took a couple of days to recover from what I thought was a mild 30-minute walk. And drink, drink, drink! Whatever you drink during a workout doesn't count toward your total for the day (that's the guideline Alice gave me). Good luck!

AliceK[i]ND said...

Laura is exactly right! Go Coach Laura! :)

Also, I noticed you are not getting in all 5 MF meals.... this is essential! It will catch up to you fast and your weight loss will slow down. You will lose muscle instead of fat, especially if you start exercising. So, you REALLY need to force yourself to get in all 5 so that you will be completely successful! :)

Denise said...

Laura, thanks for telling me that about upping the protein amount when I start working out again. I think for now I'm going to do some at-home stuff like hip lifts and counter push-ups. Easy.