27 August 2013

When A Day Ends Right

So today was my second day as a grad student. It's weird because I don't feel any different although that probably is because I'm not taking classes in a classroom. I do feel a LOT busier. My little planner is maxed out every day. I wasn't sure how the coursework would be but I think as the semester goes on I'll get more used to it. Hopefully I won't be so intimidated by seeing ALL my readings and lectures and assignments all on Monday mornings. 

Today was also my audition for the Utah Valley Millennial Choir and Orchestra - Grand Chorus. I haven't auditioned for something in a long time. Last time I auditioned for a choir was for BYU Women's Chorus...and I didn't get it. But I've been faithful to ward choir and other opportunities. I miss singing in choir. Especially a BIG choir. I'm thrilled to be part (hopefully!) of something akin to ward choir on steroids. In fancy clothes. It's all faiths but they sing spiritual songs. That's what I love most about singing. Sure it's fun, but I love to sing with my testimony. It's so much easier for me to feel the Spirit when I sing.

Anyways, I woke up stressed and nervous. I had a TON of grad stuff to do and I was nervous about my audition. I went and got my hair styled which really helped me relax for a bit. My friend Estelle also auditioned tonight. She stopped by before my audition and let me sing for her. She praised me and made me feel a little more confident about my voice. I was still nervous though and I showed up 30 minutes early. Oh, well. Those waiting to audition were sitting in the lobby chatting. It was nice to meet some new people. 

My fancy hair and makeup :)

The audition itself was pretty short. Just some up and down scales and one of my two prepared hymns. We were asked to sing a non-soprano part in our range. I sang the tenor line for "All Creatures of Our God and King". They didn't have my sing the whole thing, which is usually a bad sign but they were trying to move quickly so I didn't feel badly. The UVMCO director, Cory Mendenhall, told me I have a beautiful voice. Brandon Stewart, one of the co-founders, told me he really liked my sound. I was shocked! I've never been in an audition where they've really liked my voice!

I'm not a soloist. I get stage fright so badly I mess up every solo I've had. (Okay, except this ONE time when I sang "His Hands" and my friend Steph signed it (ASL) in our single's ward. That was a fluke.) I myself couldn't believe how...together I sounded. I wasn't even shaking! This is a big step for me. After not having a lot of self-confidence for a long time, I feel pretty great right now. Add this to the fact that I have a good portion of my grad homework for this week done and I feel awesome! I haven't felt awesome in a while.

To keep it real: my grad stuff has sort of taken over so our apartment is a mess. I did fold two loads of laundry and I made fajitas for dinner and I took out the trash. But I did not do the dishes. I loathe dishes. I would rather eat on paper plates for the rest of my life than wash a dish. I realize that's totally unrealistic but that's how it goes.

Anyways, I love to sing and I love to sing praises to God and Christ. I am grateful for the gifts I've been given and I sure hope I get to add my talents to all the other people of the Millennial Choir and Orchestra.

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