18 September 2013

Random Update

This week has been so busy. Monday we had some friends over for games, yesterday I hung out with some friends, tonight we had a church leadership dinner, tomorrow is choir, Friday is a secret, Saturday I'm working concessions at the BYU v. U of U game, and Sunday is the Stake Primary Leadership Meeting where I am doing a whole 20 minute presentation on my own about teaching music to kids 18 months to 3 years. Which I have never done. Sweet.

Monday night William did NOT sleep. He had eaten some Hot Tamales and they made his tummy very upset. He didn't sleep, so I didn't sleep. I only got two hours that night and last night I only got six.

Today I did a van training at BYU to be certified to drive the 12-person BYU vans. They said that if you get only 7 hours of sleep for three nights in a row, your cognitive function is the same as someone who is drunk, above the legal alcohol limit. Oh, wow! I guess I need to make sure I'm sleeping better. Geez.

I'm jamming on my school work. Today I watched three lecture videos and read an article. I have three assignments left and that's it. I did SO MUCH stuff on Monday since it was my least busy day. Phew! I'm glad I'm busy but at the same time, I'm just tired.

I'm totally looking forward to choir tomorrow and the game on Saturday. I hope it doesn't rain!

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