27 September 2013

What I've Been Up To

This has been the craziest week.

Tuesday we had family pictures done by my friend, Brooke. It was fun and we can't wait to see the pictures.

Wednesday I ended up working from 8am to 4pm to do final prep for the SHEL-8 (8th Studies in the History of English Language) conference our department helped host the past few days. Tyson's department hosted a recruiter dinner that started at 6pm so I asked the lady who watches William while I'm at work if she would watch him while we were at the dinner as well. We did get to pick him up until 8:45pm. He was at her house for just over 12 hours. It was a sad day and both Tyson and I felt badly about it but there was really nothing else we could have done.

Thursday was the first day of the SHEL conference. I was at work at 7:45am and stayed until 2pm. I think I walked two miles or so in the first few hours of my shift. That night I had choir from 7:30pm to 9:45pm. It was so much fun! We got some new music: two more pieces from Handel's Messiah, a hymn arrangement, and a song I did in high school called "Variations on Jingle Bells". It's the best! Super silly and fun to sing.

Friday was the second day of the SHEL conference. We were up at Aspen Grove by Sundance Resort. GORGEOUS drive up the canyon. The trees are all changing colors. Further up the canyon it was snowing so the multi-colored trees were frosted in snow. It was absolutely stunning, but cold. Tyson had two jobs interviews today. This morning he had one for the Puget Sound Naval Base which is in Seattle and this afternoon he had one for FMC which is in Green River, Wyoming. Here's a little map for you: http://goo.gl/maps/GPPNA
I'm not thrilled about the idea of living in Wyoming but it could be good, right? (Fingers crossed for Seattle!!) I surprised him with lunch from his favorite local spot, Pantruchas (Chilean food). 

Tomorrow, Saturday, I have a choir retreat in Spanish Fork from 8am to noon. Then I'm cleaning up the conference at about 5pm. I'm sure we'll be done before the Relief Society General Broadcast. When that's over I'm going visiting teaching and then we're gonna hang with some friends we haven't seen in a while.

Sunday is church and I've got two orientation meetings for new Primary presidencies.

I need a vacation from my life! Things have been so busy.

My job is only 20 hours per week but I worked 29 this week. Whoops. It's okay though. I had permission. It's been a jam-packed week and I still have grad homework I'm trying to get done. I have a midterm next week for one of my classes and it's my birthday next week too. I can't wait!!

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