03 August 2011

37 weeks. Ta-da.

Today is Wednesday which makes me 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Ta-da. You may note the lack of enthusiasm which accompanies that "ta-da" and trust me, it's for dang good reason. Mostly because Utah is hot and I feel like an oven and one can only walk around wearing so little clothing. I have taken to wearing skirts and t-shirts since they seem to keep me cooler.

Here I am at 37 weeks exactly. I think I don't even look like me anymore. I look at my face and say to myself, "Self, who is that round-faced girl in the mirror?" And I say back, "I have no idea self. Her chin and jaw have disappeared."

And here I am at 37 weeks and 3 days. 

I had a doctor's appointment today but they didn't check me since I haven't had any contractions at all. I'm actually shocked that I haven't had this baby already. I was convinced he would come early and then I wouldn't be able to walk at my graduation. He must be really cozy in there 'cause he's not coming in the next week. Or at least that's what my doctor says.
My next appointment is next Thursday morning, a few hours before Convocation. I don't know who will be speaking but I should probably go since it'll probably be an apostle. I hope they check me next week because I don't want to go into labor next Friday, the day I am supposed to actually walk for graduation. Maybe this baby is just gonna sit tight until the very end of the month when school starts back up for Tyson. That'd be just swell.
Only new news is that my blood pressure keeps going up. Nothing to be worried about yet. Today's pressure was 131/89 and last week was something/83. My doctor said that if it goes above something/90, then we have to run tests and they'll probably make me go to the hospital overnight and maybe put me on bedrest. I think it's just too dang hot and my blood is starting to boil, in a non-metaphorical sense. Other good news: no Group B Strep. This means I will not be on antibiotics during labor.
I am still job hunting and Tyson is still working hard before school starts. He's taking some intense classes so I've been trying to get him into a Humanities 202 class with the same professor I had in the Spring. My professor was marvelous and we wouldn't have to buy new books. Finally, today, after weeks of checking the registration site at least 10 times a day, a spot opened up and I got Tyson into that class. HUZZAH!! We are still working on his Writing class and some of the exercise classes he wants but I was mostly worried about that Humanities class. Done and done.
Oh, all our wedding thank-yous are officially done as are the baby shower thank-yous. Bam!

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Ashley_Cameron said...

Hey I want to come see you this week before you pop!!! CALL ME ASAP PLEASE!!!!!! Thanks :)