27 August 2011

Lullaby Baby Boy

Recently I have started singing lullabies to my baby while I'm in the shower. I know that sounds sort of weird but it helps me not feel so upset that my baby boy is still in my tummy and not in my arms. The two I sing most frequently are "Baby Mine" from Dumbo and "Moonshine Lullaby" from Annie Get Your Gun. Now, "Moonshine Lullaby" is, in fact, about moonshine and I do not condone such activities but it's an awesome song with a beautiful melody. I decided that my baby will care more about me singing to him and rocking him rather than the fact that I'm singing about illegal homemade alcohol. "Baby Mine" is a very tender song and it is so tender that it frequently makes me cry. In the shower. It's sort of pathetic. I just sort of rock side-to-side and sing and imagine holding my baby soon and the words just really get to me. Honestly, this song has always touched a spot in my heart and for years I refused to listen to it. Why I suddenly decided that singing it to my unborn son in the shower was a good idea, I'll never know.
I thought I would post a little video of the songs so y'all could enjoy them as well.

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