27 August 2011

Happy Birthday Jane!

 Today is Jane's 18th birthday! Happy Birthday, Jane! For her special day, we all got together and ate lunch, ate cake, and played Killer Bunnies. Yesterday I asked Jane what she wanted to eat for lunch and she said Mac & Cheese. So that's what we made her. FIVE BOXES of Mac & Cheese. We didn't eat nearly all of it so Tyson put the extras in a Ziploc and we sent it home with her. I have no idea if she'll actually eat it, but at least it won't be sitting in my fridge.
Jane invited a friend from home, Stacy, and her new roommate, Bella, from Washington. Do you think she gets teased about Twilight? I didn't ask. Nelson came too! It's so nice having both of my siblings here in town. I like it.
Tyson made Jane a yellow cake and I frosted it with chocolate frosting, per her request. I love sprinkles so I added some and then I found some green sparkly gel and wrote "Happy Birthday Jane!" on her cake, although you couldn't really read it since there were many, many sprinkles. The cake was moist and delicious. YUM. We even sang to her and had her blow out 18 candles. My dad told me to pinch her...you know..."A pinch to grow an inch" but I forgot. Guess she'll always be one inch shorter than her older sister...MUAHAHAHAHA!!
I'm glad that we got to do this for Jane. It's fun having siblings around to feed and play games with. You know, if my baby comes on Sunday my family will have birthdays on the 25th, 27th, and 29th. How coincidental is that? Or maybe my baby will be really stubborn and he won't come until September 1 and he'll be the only one with a September birthday. He won't make it that long. Sorry, baby.
Anyways, so here is my birthday post to Jane and pictures to go along with it.
Happy Birthday, Jane! I love you very much!
Stacy, Jane, and Bella

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