21 August 2011

Job Update

I am officially on maternity leave seeing as how my due date is Monday. I thought I would give an update on my new job. 
The best part of my job is getting to see all my old professors. They are marvelous people and they make me feel so wonderful. Example: Tuesday I was sitting at my computer working on a poster for the mandatory orientation meeting in September when my first editing professor walked by the department office. He smiled politely and kept walking. Then, realizing I was not the old secretary, he doubled back and with the biggest smile said, "Oh! It is you! I read the memo and knew it had to be you!" Honestly, I didn't think this professor had liked me all that much when I took his class, but I guess he did and does like me! Our department secretary told him that I would be going on maternity leave and there would be a girl filling in for me while I was gone. She also told him about my application being lost and how she tried to hire a few other people but it never worked out. He said, "Well, it's all worth it to have Denise." How sweet is that?!
I can't tell you have wonderful these people make me feel. The department secretary gave me a call one evening just to check up on me and see if I was having my baby. She is so lovely and patient with me. This last week has been torture and she was very understanding and concerned about my health. It is wonderful to feel like my co-workers want me around and that the faculty are glad to have me there. It's a bonus that I get to see Professor Oaks and chat with him. He came in earlier this week and we all ended up talking about dating rules and how dating has changed from when he was a teen. It was super fun, just like being back in one of his classes.
I am sad to be on maternity leave with no baby to show for it, but I cannot wait to get back to work and know that I'll be returning to an enjoyable job with fabulous people.

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Rachel said...

I'm glad you're loving your new job! those last few days are seriously the worst. It'll be soon though! I can't wait to see pictures!