24 August 2011

Baby Update

This morning I had my 40 week appointment and nothing has changed from last week. My doctor couldn't even strip my membranes, I'm that not-dilated. He told me that I still could start labor at any moment even though I haven't been having any contractions. He called my hospital and set up a time for me to go in on Sunday evening. If I haven't had the baby by then, I'll go in and they'll start me on Cervidil, a pill inserted into the cervix to help soften it up. My doctor wants to try this first to see if I will then start having contractions on my own. If the pill does nothing then the hospital will start me on Pitocin Monday morning. Monday is the first day of school for Tyson and that sucks majorly. Yay for attending a family-friendly school, huh?
So even though I am in loads of pain and am not sleeping and feel as nauseated as I did earlier in my pregnancy, I have to wait until Sunday. Can it please be Sunday so I don't lose my mind? Plus my mom is flying home tomorrow morning and I am NOT happy about that at all. I will continue to think happy thoughts but please don't expect me to be a ray of sunshine for the next few days.

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Kate Curtis said...

You're probably tired of hearing this, but try going on long walks! Hang in there Denise!! It'll all be over soon and you will have a sweet little boy to cuddle.