28 August 2011

D-Day: What News From Gondor?

My dad keeps asking me "What news from Gondor?" but what he's really asking is "Any sign of baby?" At least he's creative about it, right? haha
Today I check into the hospital. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm tired, but I'm ready. I cannot wait to meet my son and hold him in my arms. Tyson cannot wait to be a daddy and have me return to a state of semi-normality. To pass the time last night, Tyson and I had Cafe Rio tostadas for dinner and watched "Ocean's Eleven" and "Star Trek". Would you believe I picked both of those movies? Tyson told me I could pick any movie I wanted and those are the two I picked. I asked him if that was okay and he told me it was. He got lucky. I was going for distraction but I could've picked "Return to Me" or "Pride and Prejudice" and then he would've been sorry.
Today is also the first day of our new church meeting time. Instead of 2:30pm we now meet at 8:30am. Cruel, cruel world. Tyson and I decided I should try to sleep as much as possible so church wasn't going to happen this morning. But since I'm up, alert, and anxious, church will be good for me. I love going to church and this will help set the mood for the craziness we're about to embark in. I don't think my hospital has wireless internet so I don't know if I'll be able to post an update once we're there. Y'all may just have to wait for me to give birth and come home. I know...that seems unbearable...but I am confident you'll be just fine.


Laura said...

You make me laugh and laugh, Neesie! I'm praying for you, Girl!

The Zaugg family said...

good luck girly! cant wait to see the little man.