27 August 2011

Last Day

Today is sort of a surreal day for me. By this time tomorrow I should be in the hospital getting set up to have a baby. Today is my last day as a no-child person. I feel like I should be doing something exciting before having this baby but I really don't know what I could do. I guess I should probably clean the fish tank. And put my clean clothes away so my room is clean. Finishing up the dishes isn't a bad idea either but somehow I feel like it isn't enough. 
The anticipation is driving me crazy. It's driving Tyson crazy too. Can you tell? Well, at least one of us gets to sleep. One out of two ain't bad.
I want to get out of the house and do stuff but there's nothing left to do! When my family was in town we saw every movie we could. We even saw Captain America twice, which, I have decided, was not a good idea as I dreamed about Old Man Stark that night. Weird.
Anyways, I'm feeling incredibly weird today and wishing it could be Monday already and wishing my baby boy were here and wishing my dishes would do themselves magically and wishing my family didn't live so dang far away and wishing I knew what would help calm my nerves.
And that's a lot of wishing.

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